Dear all,

We are eagerly looking forward to bringing a close to 2020, a year we never thought we would have to face.

This year has been a challenging one for us all. Not only on the business front, but perhaps most importantly, on a personal level where some of us have been sick whilst others saw loved ones touched by COVID.

Yet through these challenging times we have also learned to review our way of living, by getting closer to families, friends and colleagues without seeing them. We have learned to be more agile and adaptable.

Typically the year end period is supposed to be fun and festive with a sweet taste of happiness and lightness. Unfortunately this year things are going to be different. Given the current health situation and the restrictions in place there will be no Xmas party at Space for our close partners and there won’t be any Xmas presents either.

The Space Management has made the decision not to send the classical year end card but to rather dedicate the Xmas activities budget as a donation to the “Foundation Roi Baudouin” who assist in bringing support to the hospital medical staff sector.

The whole Space team wish you, your family and loved ones a “back to normal” 2021 on all levels!

We are truly looking forward to seeing you soon and in good health in the new year.

Merry Xmas, Happy 2021 !